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G2G: Got to Go Series: is an animated television series co-produced by Moody Street Kids (Australia) and March Entertainment (Canada). The series focuses on the life of a preteen girl, Maddison Marples-Macintosh, who assumes the role of an online advice columnist on her school's website.

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Broadcast[edit] Edit

The original series ran for 26 half-hour episodes, and premiered on the Nine Network in Australia in 2008. In 2010, the show began airing on CBC Television in Canada. The network also published an online game associated with the series, called G2G: Extra Credit. In 2018 it was picked up on Toonavision.[1]

Synopsis[edit] Edit

The show typically begins with Maddison receiving an e-mail on her PDA about the troubles of anonymous students in her school and her trying to give that personal advice, while facing a problem nearly identical to the one described in the e-mail, which often ends up giving her the answer she needs to help: the troubled sender.

Characters[edit] Edit

Ms. Communica8ion:

Ms. Communica8ion: G2G Series: features mostly teenage or preteen characters, with the appearance of teachers and parents on occasion, in a fictional North American junior high school.

Maddison Marples-Macintosh: (Esther Maloney) is the main character on the show, and one of the youngest, being only around 13 years old. She's a very typical preteen girl, full of giggles and gossip. She is still socially shy, yet confident in her own abilities. The full extension of her indefatigable sense of character is brought out in her duties as the "Online Oracle" of her school, Ms. Communica8ion - although this alter ego is an absolute secret. Maddie is best friends with Saffron and Rainbow, whom she usually turns to for advice, sometimes even talk about other peoples' problems.

Maddie also has a crush on Ace, every girls dream date at her school. Her confidence and intelligence usually turns into babbling nonsense, invisible around Ace. After her Imaginary Imagination tries countless of times to woo him, talking to him seems more difficult. (The Problem: There is no supportive evidence that suggest Maddison has a crush on Leet. Leet is usually distracted on his computer. (They are colleague friends), About the End Credits: Both were unpaired: They caught each-other: with usual embarrassment.)

Saffron Parker: (Pina Crispo) is Maddison's best friend. She's one year older than Maddie, and thus considers herself much more mature and worldly. She's the kind of girl all the guys go for: blonde, beautiful, and highly fashionable. She loves to be noticed wherever she goes, and what attention she doesn't get from others, she gets from her two best friends Maddie and Rainbow. Saffron's brother, Stinky, is always looking for a way to pull a prank on Saffron, which she can usually foil, or at least get him caught in as well.

Rainbow: (Ann Pirvu) is 13 years old, the third piece of the Maddie-Saffron puzzle. Often found stargazing and meditating, Rainbow is a very spiritual girl, often concerned more with the alignment of her chakras than the algebra due next period. Always a very clear thinker, Rainbow provides insight that the others never see, or believe! Her depth is only outshone by her eccentricity, often showing up for the wrong classes on time, and the right ones late. She hands in phenomenally written poems and essays, but often fails because they're on the wrong topic. Rainbow learns more from her mother than she does from school, taking time each day to analyze auras and balance the flow of positive chi in the classroom with Feng Shui.

L33t; (Leet) (CJ Sharpe) is the school techno-geek, and extremely proud of it. His technical know-how is often how he gets attention from those who would usually overlook him. His parents put him in school early, which he found almost too easy, and was soon bumped up a grade. Now he's the youngest kid in school and gets at the bottom of the school hierarchy because of it. But because he belongs to none of the cliques in school, he can easily slip between groups, making him very well connected for an 11​3⁄4 year-old.

He becomes a cool looking guy after he was wrongly accused of being called: Ms. Communica8ion. He has a crush on Maddie by the end of the series. (Leet tries to Detect, trap-capture and expose the I.P. Address of Miss. Communica8ion. He thinks of her as a Fraud. The Problem Student's: can express and identify with Miss. Communica8ion, a student who is just like them :)

(One of us), (she Get it!)

To whom may it Concern?

Ace: (Jack Troughton) Ace De Silva is the picture of boyhood beauty, which is a really good thing, because brainy he is not. Ace plays bass guitar and sings in the band 'Fever Meter' alongside Stinky, and their pals Mitch Michenbury and Barry Ryan. Ace is a huge soccer fan and if he isn't at band practice, he's usually out on the field. Ace is known for his shiny white smile, his smooth, sultry voice, and having his headphones basically attached to his head.

Ace is a strong, charismatic man of very few words, and coveted by every girl in the school, but none more than Maddie. After Her long, heartfelt, romantic Nervous talks with Ace: Ace partnerships with Maddison but is not sure of their Companionship however does not mind being with her. He never mentioned he want to be her lover; added Clout: Doubt of heart-ships, The Reality is he also could be nervous as well, No ask him "what does he wanted?"

Fate and Destiny: Fate is an unaltered course of Direction: Destiny Event's might lead towards Fate: Destine Fate: Cannot change Directions however Destiny is the Chosen, chose Alternative: Switch, Revert Back, Alternates change, may or may not except, Repel or Gravitate: The Ultimate Course Direction: (It does not have to be this way.)

Destiny Location: Arrive from, Leave to; A distance between two direction area points to search, find or locate. The Problem: Fate is Restricted does not Waverer, directed at one direction: Fatality, Except or Turn-down for All Eternity, (Win or Lose!) There is no technicalities betweens: (Ties.) Secret: About Game Match Ties: First Opponent, or Competitor must score first: gains Lead point. Destine Fate: reminds me of a Permanent Teacher that is set for life until the end of Term Semester.

Destine Fate: Privilege Warning Events: are happening before Madison's eyes: (Between Ace and Leet.) Leet Mean well and Rescues Madison from an attempt to Seal a Kiss in front of the whole School; that may have serious Consequences. He might embrace or Reject Maddison: assuming she (thinks) Ace is her lover. Reach out to Ace's reaction: He may get nervous, embarrass, Not Afraid: with Bravery Courage, yet he may have Common Courtesy: (he does not mind at all!) Give a Curtsy to be enchanting or become selfish in front of the whole entire school. The Problem: [Brittle as a Flower] tensions {Might Escalate} causing a confrontation if not Careful.

Leet Turn: Escape the Frying Pan, and into the Oven: The same might also happen inside a Trap Room: friends could Possibility turn to (spite, with frustration or share a common Interest) they do not have to be really enemies if not handled carefully. Perhaps Friendship Might gets divided or might not: The Collided Destination Event might have two meanings: End of the World or New Era. A Probably: certain numbers of Planets seen from a Observatory are coming in Aliment together only for a moment duration period of the until the mid-night clock. Back to Maddison Question: "Should she still hang around Leet after she has been locked in a Maintenance Closet with him?"

(In Free-Will: To think Independently without Inference: in decision making: (To Do anything you want without Surveillance Monitor Privileges or Guidance/ Manuel Principe Rules.) Following a leader without others not knowing your where abouts may turn into an astray abduction; This is not kidnapping. ("You do not really know me!") Being trapped May alter the course of a lover's history. Things that did not turn out well or peachy just might change the slightest of Attitudes: Hinder Heightens Tensions or be Positive Assertive, even if Maddison was the last Girl on the Globule Planet. Some people are Closet Phobics: does not like closed in spaces may cause a Panic. The Problem: The Door is still a Lock Door. (Get the Drift!) The Question Problem: "Is Leet still a Hero, Friend, Lover or Zero?" Leet Considers Maddie as her best friend: even on the Last Days.

Only Madison could decide: (Leet Fate:)

Samuel: known as Stinky (Justin Richardson) is Saffron's pain in the butt twin brother, and never referred to by his real name, Samuel, by anyone, including himself. He's an average teenage boy, hopelessly lost when it comes to hygiene and high class. Stinky has few endearing traits, but is known and loved for one thing. He's very protective of his sister and her friends, and makes sure that no one causes them any trouble...except for him! He and Ace are the resident soccer geniuses and often found together, so Maddie puts up with him for the sake of Ace. Stinky is the drummer for the band Fever Meter, and regardless of his unpopularity, their band is the biggest thing in school.

Mandii and Mac: (Lesley Livingston and Bob Oniskyw) are Maddie's loving parents. Mandii is the host of entertainment news show CelebriTV, and often out of the house filming and interviewing. Mac is a correspondent for a big news network and always off discovering ancient civilizations or nesting with polar bears for better insight on their habits; anything far away and fairly dangerous. Maddie sees her mom far more than she does her dad, who is on assignment 200 or more days a year and only able to talk via webcam. Mandii and Mac act as excellent role models for Maddie, even if it's only on screen. Mandii is always a source of gossip, and as popular with Maddie's friends as Maddie is.

Amelia is Maddie's dog: Amelia Earhart (her name revealing Maddie's admiration for passionate, powerful women) is always an open ear for Maddie. Because of a thyroid problem,[citation needed] Amelia is overweight, and on a constant dog-diet that she never sticks to. She even has her own miniature treadmill, which she uses to expand her dust collection. Amelia is as fashion-savvy as any teenage girl, spending most of her time flipping through fashion magazines when Maddie isn't around.

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